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Welcome to Mommy ISD!

My name is Danielle White, Founder and Co-Owner of Mommy ISD.  I am a Texas certified Biology and Dance teacher with a BFA and MFA in Dance.  After 20 years of serving many public school students and their families in secondary science, I've decided to use my skills to pour into the lives of my own three beautiful school-aged children and help other families along the way.  My husband and I decided to begin our homeschool journey as a result of the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic so our story is rather unique and led us to the joy of starting Mommy ISD!  

Our homeschool journey began in March 2020 when the rhythm of our world, like many other people, was abruptly disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic health crisis.  We suddenly found ourselves entrenched with At-Home-Learning responsibilities from our local school district, a limited summer break, and the uncertainty of safely returning to our brick and mortar schools.  As a result, we resiliently decided to enroll our two older children in online public schools and our youngest in an online private school.  While we don't regret the courageous move to begin homeschooling our children, our 1st semester experience presented many challenges for us to overcome.  By 2nd semester, we decided to take the plunge into a different homeschool approach and curriculum selection that best fit our family.  After taking this leap of faith into the uncertain world of homeschooling we immediately began to see our kids thrive academicly without the anxiety of their own health and safety.


Mommy ISD started as a result of many lessons learned from our journey through the hills and valleys, sweat equity and tears shed, knowledge and wisdom gained by diving into the world of homeschooling and refusing to drown. Mommy ISD values the power of investing in Faith, Family, and Future through the vehicle of Educational Consulting with an emphasis on homeschooling.  Deciding to homeschool involves the whole FAMILY regardless of dynamics, requires FAITH in some person/place/thing to stay grounded while moving forward successfully, and yields FUTURE results with potential growth based on the level of investment made. 

Mommy ISD commits to offering our clients quality homeschool educational consulting by operating in excellence rather than perfection.  We gracefully share quick-start tools, craft helpful instructional resources, and offer personalized homeschooling coaching plans made available via three levels of membership investment.  Mommy ISD strives to be a beacon of light and hope for families supporting students academically as they begin, reengage, or continue their homeschool journey. 


If you find yourself at a crossroads of homeschool decision-making and need guidance for your next steps, you are not alone.  Contact Mommy ISD today to help you reach your homeschool goals and celebrate student successes along the way!

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